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Xigmatek Windpower 964 RGB Cooler – EN46478

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EN45778 EAN:4713436745778
Windpower 964 RGB (Black Anodized, 90mm RGB PWM Fan, Reinforced Plastic Backplate)

• Ultra-Efficient Thermal Heat-Pipe and Patented Xigmatek H.D.T.(Heat-Pipe Direct Touch) Technology
• High Performance Heat Dissipation & Air Flow
• Black Anodize Finish 4 Pipes Heatsink & Reinforced Metal Backplate
• Support Latest Intel & AMD CPU & Motherboard
• Stylish RGB LED Lighting Effect
• Smart PWM 800~1800 RPM for High Performance Air Flow
• Long Life Hydraulic Bearing & MTTF up to 35,000 Hours
• Silent Operation at ≤23.8 dBA

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Xigmatek Windpower 964 RGB Cooler - EN46478 13Xigmatek Windpower 964 RGB Cooler - EN46478 14

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  1. وسام وادي (مالك موثوق)

    when it comes for cooling Intel i3-i5 or AMD ryzen 3-5 this is the best choice specially the part where you don’t need and extra connections for RGP .

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