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E-Retail is one of the most recognized names in IT business and services , Electronics & communication component distribution in Saudi Arabia, with its headquarter based in Jeddah & covering the kingdom with its branches located in Riyadh and Dammam. E-Retail is one of the pioneers to present itself in Kingdom’s retail business and have earned its reputation with its channel partners.



To meet the revolutionary growth in e-shopping our products are also available online with most pioneer sites in e-Retail.com sets high standards in distribution of components by effective sourcing of Products, ready, availability of stock, a highly trained multilingual staff and relentless attention to detail.


Ultimate Level

E-retail is an online store specializing in the sale of computer products, mobile phones and electronics of devices, parts and games

The store is not a platform to sell the products of others, but buys products from authorized distributors or import them from authorized distributors so as to ensure the purchase of original products to the largest international companies and a local guarantee of at least two years according to the laws of the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia or according to the warranty from the factory if more than two years

The e-retail store guarantees the lowest price for the products it sells on condition that the competitor sells genuine products
The e-retail price is not born of the moment but is the experience of years of professional staff in the field of computer trade, mobile and electronics and special relations with the largest suppliers and manufacturers of local and global.

Buy with confidence

When you buy from the e-retail store you do not have to worry that the product is fake or genuine product because you buy from the seller directly either you have your purchase from other platforms that act as a broker between the seller and the broker and take a commission you should worry because of the many sellers who may sell counterfeit products Or without warranty or even used and refilled again and for this reason you will not find in the e-retail store how many products in other stores because we only sell products deal with authorized suppliers to ensure the quality, price and warranty and with the support of our valued customers we will expand to increase the products approved by the store.

Our success in e-retail is based on three points

  1. Challenge the best price of the product (if there is a better price please inform us to do the price reduction)
  2. Customer Satisfaction with Warranty (Even if the product agent does not satisfy the customer, we will be happy to provide the warranty directly from the e-retail store without any additional fees or charges).
  3. Fast delivery through our partnership with Aramex

We wish to win the satisfaction and trust of customers in the Kingdom and the Gulf countries and to be a new addition to the market of electronic products and the customer is a permanent partner of the e-retail shop


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