• Genx ChamPro 3 Action Sport Camera YELLOW – GEN-CAM-CHAMPROIII/Y

      199 ر.س

      Dive up to 30 meters*mages 16 megapixels*High-precision 1080/30 FPS or 4k / 15fps or 720 / 60FPS video*2-inch color screen*Rechargeable battery of 900 m. Ampere*HDMI output*Battery life is almost 70 minutes*19 extension and extra battery

    • 2020/12/07 23:59:59

      Lenovo ThinkSmart View Smart Device

      39.5% 651 ر.س999 ر.س 1,650 ر.س 999 ر.س

      Unlock the workday’s full potential Unleash your PC’s ultimate productivity. ThinkSmart View is a collaborative smart device that works from an individual’s workspace, tackling administrative tasks that waste a PC’s resources. The device works with a PC to “divide and conquer” so you can simultaneously use your PC for productivity and ThinkSmart View for administrative tasks. Think of it as a personal productivity assistant for the workplace.

    • Logitech foldable HD 720p video calling with autofocus camera – C525

      450 ر.س

      PORTABLE HD VIDEO CALLS. PERFECTLY FOCUSED. Clear, crisp and smooth HD videos (720p/30fps) in which you remain in sharp focus, whether you’re near or far from the webcam. The C525 comes in a portable, fold-and-go design that you can easily slip in your bag. Foldable HD 720p video calling with autofocus

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