Cougar HX330 Gaming Headset – Black


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HX330 is the over-ear headset built for lightweight comfort. Its large 9.7mm microphone provides studio quality input frequency with clear and bright sound. The COUGAR HX330 brings you the finest team gaming performance; your teammate may think you’re sitting next to right next to them!

Excellent Outputs

All of COUGAR’s technological prowess has been poured into the HX330’s audio capabilities. Its delicate layered system enhances acoustic performance with exquisite sound in an incredibly small space to bring you the best of the best.

Sound Tunning: Diffuser

Compared to a reflective surface, a diffuser can reduce distinct echos and reverbs in mixed frequency for serving you the nice and clean sounds.

Diffuser in HX330’s Chamber

Irregular surface allows wave energy divides into smaller paths and generates harmonic resonances.

Reflective Surface in Other’s

The sound directly rebounding from the surface generates the echo.

Crystal Clear Inputs

With HX330, its large 9.7mm noise cancelling microphone receives a refined frequency voice tone. The extended length of the pick-up unit can be adjusted for extra clarity and its anti-pop cover reduces sound disturbance. The foldable microphone also provides extra flexibility for easy adjustment during play.

Crosstalk Reduction

Through different platforms and communication software, it can be hard to avoid crosstalk from standard electrical 3.5mm phone jacks. However, HX330 is equipped with true fidelity cords with well-shielding and insulation design for reducing the crosstalk signal. Your teammate can hear a clear sound from you again.
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Extraordinary Comforts

HX330’s featherweight memory foam and one-piece headband adjustment provides you a cozy wearing experience while you battle each game.
The HX330 high-density memory foam gives you deep oval-shape earpads and
a pressure-free head buffer for those long gaming sessions.
HX330’s headband is designed with multiple customized size
preferences for fitting every type of gamer.

One Headset to Hear Them All

With HX330 ‘s 4 to 3 pole adapters, it is compatible with phones, consoles, laptops, desktop computers and many other devices with 3.5mm audio jacks. The line-control unit can freely adjust the microphone mute and volume choices with full compatibility across devices.



Connection 3.5mm Jack (Analog)
Driver 50mm
Max. Input Power 50mw
Sensitivity at 1kHz 113+3dB
Impedance at 1kHz 32Ώ±10%
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz


Driver 9.7mm
Mic Type Noise Cancellation
Mic Sensitivity at 1kHz -50dB±3%
Mic Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Mic Impedance <2.2KΩ

Packing Data

HX330 Black HX330 Orange
Product Number (P/N) 3H250P50B.0001 3H250P50O.0001
EAN CODE 4710483771255 4710483772054
UPC CODE 192554002415 192554003122
JAN CODE 4541995034848 4541995035715
Individual Size W/O Packaging Weight (N.Weight) 315 (g)
Individual Packaging Weight (G.Weight) 725 (g)
Individual Size W/O Packaging (WxHxD) 200 x 95 x 180 (mm)
Individual Packaging Size (WxHxD) 214 x 113 x 247 (mm)
Weight 0.5 kg


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