Cougar SURPASSION RX Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse
With Surpassion RX, we have done what many thought to be impossible: we have merged a wired gaming mouse’s accuracy and reliability with the freedom of a wireless gaming mouse. See and believe.
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Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

With Surpassion RX, we have done what many thought to be impossible: we have merged a wired gaming mouse’s accuracy and reliability with the freedom of a wireless gaming mouse. See and believe.

Reliable Freedom

2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Mouse with 1000 Hz Polling Rate
You want freedom. You don’t want it to cost your aiming accuracy. With Surpassion RX, you can have both, with an amazing wireless response time of 1 millisecond!

Pinpoint Precision

PMW3330 7200 DPI Optical Gaming Sensor
Surpassion RX’s heart is a state-of-the-art optical sensor that will allow you to show just how good you are, without any hardware bottlenecks. The Pixart PMW3330’s takes care of the tracking, you just need to worry about aiming!

Long Battery Life

20 Hours of Non-Stop Gaming
Gaming sessions can get quite long. Where most wireless mice’s batteries get drained halfway, Surpassion RX stays with you to the very end. With up to 20 hours of nonstop top-notch performance, this wireless gaming mouse can keep gaming for as long as you can!

Total Customization

Integrated LCD Fine-Tuning System
I addition to bringing you a great sensor, Surpassion RX allows you to fine-tune its performance to fully suit your needs. This revolutionary mouse comes equipped with a convenient (and lightweight!) LCD screen with dedicated buttons that allows you to adjust DPI (from 50 to 7200, in 50 DPI steps), Lift-Off Distance, Angle Snapping and Polling Rate.

Battery Level Display

Never Out of Juice
Surpassion RX’s battery lasts for very long, but to give you peace of mind it’s always best to know exactly how much you have left. The LCD screen doubles as a convenient battery indicator to let you know when to plug the mouse in!

Dual Mode

A Glorious Wireless Gaming Mouse that Can Go Wired
Surpassion RX has been designed to allow you to keep gaming, no matter what. If by any chance you get close to exhausting the massive battery life of the mouse, just plug it in and keep playing while it recharges its battery!

FPS-Oriented Ergonomic Design

A Perfect Fit for Your Hand
To optimize your FPS gaming experience, Surpassion RX has been designed to be both comfortable and effective. A shape that works great both for palm and claw grip styles, independent pressing areas on the two main buttons, and finger grooves work together to make you better at FPS gaming.

Multicolor Backlight

13 Powerful Backlight Modes
This gaming mouse allows you to choose one of 13 different backlight modes (11 single-color, 2 multicolor) just by clicking the dedicated backlight button. Customize your gaming atmosphere just by moving a finger!

Awards & Reviews


“…DPI adjustment buttons on top would be a nice feature for some, as well as support for Qi Wireless Charging although that would push the price envelope further. For those who don’t need to change DPI on the fly (or choose to bind the side buttons or keyboard buttons to adjust sensitivity) this mouse is a terrific choice!”


“…Once again, I must admit I’m surprised by just how good another Cougar product is. After reviewing a number of gaming mice, the Surpassion RX stands out as one of the best in a very long time. For its suggested retail price, it’s an incredible deal.”

Funky Kit

“Cougar has brought us an extremely affordable high performance gaming mouse. The Surpassion RX has awesome specs for this price. Tired of laggy wireless mouse? Then check out the Surpassion RX from Cougar you won’t be disappointed.”


“Como se comentaba anteriormente, la forma del mouse es cómoda, debido a que está diseñado para juegos de estilo FPS. En cuanto a peso, tenemos solo 98 gramos sin posibilidad de ajuste, un número algo bajo, pero dentro del promedio…”


“Unboxing and Overview the Cougar Surpassion RX Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse”


“… In short, Cougar Surpassion RX justifies its price tag with its features. A solid 9/10 for first impressions and user experience…”


“…The COUGAR Suprassion RX is a great option for those looking for a wireless mouse. From the comfort to the battery life and ease of use, it offers everything a gamer could need in a wireless mouse!”


“I love that the Surpassion RX is a plug and play mouse. All controls are on the mouse itself. In fact, I can’t ever remember using a mouse with so many options, but no software…”

“Still, out of all my experiences using wireless mice, the Surpassion RX is a mostly positive one. It’s not enough to woo me away from wired mice, but it’s a solid product and definitely should be your first choice when it comes to wireless mice…”


Product Name COUGAR SURPASSION RX Gaming Mouse
Sensor PixArt PMW3330 Optical Gaming Sensor
Resolution 50-7200 DPI
Polling Rate 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000Hz
Switching 50M OMRON Gaming Switches
Profile LED Backlight 2 Zone Backlight
Maximum Tracking Speed 150 IPS
Maximum Acceleration 30 G
Lithium Battery 560mAh
Cable Length 1.8m
Dimension 120(L) x 65(W) x 38(H) mm
4.72(L) X 2.55(W) X 1.49(H) in
Weight 98g

System Requirements

Windows 10


Packing Data

Product Number (P/N) (Black/Pink) 3MSRFWOB.0001 / 3MSRXWOP.0001
EAN CODE (Black/Pink) 4715302442248 / 4715302442835
UPC CODE (Black/Pink) 192554000831 / 192554001272
JAN CODE (Black/Pink) 4541995033575 / 4541995033995
Individual W/O Packaging Weight (N.Weight) 98g
Individual Packaging Weight (G.Weight) 252g
Individual Size W/O Packaging (LxWxH) 120 x 65 x 38 (mm)
Individual Packaging Size (LxWxH) 135 X 52 x 190 (mm)
Weight 0.5 kg


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