Redragon GA250 Vulcan Keyboard and Mouse Adapter

  • For All Consoles
  • Engineered(Dedicated) For FPS Gamer — Plug & Play
  • Clear LED Indicator
  • We Got your Back
  • Less Cables, More Stable
  • Take Advantage Ingeniously
  • Small and Compact
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Play Station3/4(Pro/Slim), Xbox One
  • Supports 2.4Ghz Wireless Connection
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For All Consoles — GA250 keyboard and mouse adapter compatible with multiple platforms (PS3/4, NS and Xbox One), it will back you up with all your love and passion for games.

Engineered(Dedicated) For FPS Gamer — Plug & Play — The Definitely an OP weapon for gamers who aren’t used to(who aren’t good) using a controller. Move the mouse, operate the keyboard, make a headshot and dominate the game.

adapter connection doesn’t require any driver, and you can start your game once the devices are properly connected.

Clear LED Indicator — Redragon logo with two lighting bars will show your adapter connection status clearly. White means the adapter is on, red means one gaming device connected (keyboard/mouse), green means another gaming device connected, gold means successfully connected.

We Got your Back — During the connection of the device, if you have checked the manual and carefully read the listing instructions/tips and still have problems. Please contact us directly and we will always be there to help you out.

Less Cables, More Stable

Yes, we also took into account the fact that the connection would lead to too many cables and leave a mess on the desktop. Don’t worry, the GA250 also supports 2.4GHz wireless connection, so enjoy wireless use with a small dongle (you will need a wireless keyboard/mouse).

Take Advantage Ingeniously

Keyboard and mouse are inherently easier to use than a controller, especially in FPS games, it can significantly improve your aiming accuracy and upgrade your dexterous movements.

Small and Compact

Powerful, stable but tiny. Easy to carry along with, competent for any travel on business, friends gaming party and esports event. Gear it and make your opponents fear.

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