Silicon Power Io QI210 Wireless Charger

  • Dimensions 125.9mm x 64.9mm x 6.9mm
  • Weight 44.8g
  • Color Black, White
  • Input DC 9V & DC 5V via Micro-B
  • Output Up to 10W (max.)
  • Wireless Standard Qi
  • Transmission Distance ≤6mm
  • Efficiency ≥70%
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125.9mm x 64.9mm x 6.9mm
Weight 44.8g
Color Black, White
DC 9V & DC 5V via Micro-B
Output Up to 10W (max.)
Wireless Standard Qi
Transmission Distance ≤6mm
Efficiency ≥70%
Operating Temperature -10°C – 60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C – 70°C
Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Current Protection, Over-Temperature Protection, Short-Circuit protection, Foreign Object Protection



Simplified But Fast Charging

Simplify your charging routine with the Io QI210 Wireless Charger. Compatible with all Qi-certified devices, the QI210 will become your preferred phone charging solution, whether you have an Android or an iPhone. For such a small footprint, this pad is revved up with big capabilities, allowing you the easiest charges. Take advantage of its Fast Charge capabilities with your phone’s wireless charging support (10W for Android and 7.5W for iOS).


Stop, Drop, Charge

Without mismatched charging cables and messy or tangled wires, you can easily stop to drop and charge or pick-up and go, whenever you want. It’s the perfect complement to your busy, motion-focused lifestyle. And, you won’t even need to remove the case, because transmission distance is successful up to 6mm. Leave behind yesterday’s wire worries with the Io QI210 Wireless Charger.


Details Make The Difference

The QI210 Wireless Charger is extremely travel-ready due to its lightweight and ultra slim design. You won’t even feel it inside your bag. But when you’re ready to use it, strategically placed ventilation holes provide exceptional heat dissipation to keep the pad cool. And, whether you’re working or sleeping nearby it, the multi-colored LED light indicator will provide a clear status without any interference


The Safest Charge Around

With the Intelligent Safe Charging function, it’s impossible to overcharge your device. Set it on the charger pad and forget about it, while never worrying about the dangers of overcharging your device again; a trickle charge kicks-in when your battery nears 100%. In addition, your devices are protected from over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature, as well as foreign object detection, for the safest charge around.



  • Compatible with all Qi-certified devices
    *The ‘Qi’ symbol is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium.
  • Supports Fast Charge (10W for Android devices and 7.5W for iOS devices) and Standard Charge (5W for all other Qi-certified devices)
  • Up to 6mm transmission distance allows mobile devices with non-metal cases to charge successfully (ie. cases made from TPU, leather, plastic, or rubber)
  • Ultra slim and lightweight design is portable-friendly with a smooth and soft-touch surface coating
  • Intelligent Safe Charging function enabled for over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and foreign object detection
  • Exceptional heat dissipation through strategically placed ventilation holes
  • Multi-colored LED light indicator provides a clear status but will not cause interference while working or sleeping


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