Klevv 8GB DDR4 SO-DIMM 2666Mhz Standard Memory

  • Faster Processing Speed
  • Reliable SK Hynix chips
  • Quick and easy Laptop Upgrading
  • Modern Black PCB
  • Motherboard Compatibility
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DDR4 memory for
Faster and smarter laptop computer



Faster Processing Speed

No more slow laptops!
KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM offers faster speed
for high volume media playing and editing.
With 2666, 3200Mhz of high frequency,
KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM is designed
to improve work productivity.


Quick and easy Laptop Upgrading

By simply choosing a good ram memory,
A laptop performance can be greatly enhanced.
KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM enables quick
and easy self laptop upgrade.
Upgrading laptop has never been this easy.


KLEVV Memory modules comply with
multiple international standards




Type 260 Pin DDR4 Small Outline DIMM
Frequency 2666, 3200
Capacity 2666 / 4GB(4GBx1), 8GB(4GBx2, 8GBx1), 16GB(8GBx2,16GBx1), 32GB(16GBx2)
3200 / 8GB(8GBx1), 16GB(8GBx2, 16GBx1), 32GB(16GBx2), 32GB(32GBx1), 64GB(32GBx2)
CL Value 2666 / 19-19-19-43
3200 / 22-22-22-51
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ordering Information

Speed Package Capacity Product Description EAN Code
2666 Bulk 4GB KD44GS48*-26N1900 4895194965800
8GB KD48GS88*26N1900 4895194965817
16GB KD4AGS88*26N1900 4895194965824
KD4AGSA8*-26N1900 4895194966340
Retail 4GB (4GBx1) KD44GS481-26N190A 4895194966128
8GB (8GBx1) KD48GS88C-26N190A 4895194966135
16GB (16GBx1) KD4AGS88C-26N190A 4895194966142
KD4AGSA8*-26N190A 4895194966180
8GB (4GBx2) KD44GS481-26N190D 4895194966159
16GB (8GBx2) KD48GS88C-26N190D 4895194966166
32GB (16GBx2) KD4AGS88C-26N190D 4895194966173
KD4AGSA8*-26N190D 4895194966197
3200 Bulk 8GB KD48GS88*-32N2200 4895194966401
16GB KD4AGS88*-32N2200 4895194966418
KD4AGSA8*-32N2200 4895194966425
Retail 8GB(8GBx1) KD48GS88*-32N220A 4895194966517
16GB(16GBx1) KD4AGS88*-32N220A 4895194966524
KD4AGSA8*-32N220A 4895194966531
16GB (8GBx2) KD48GS88*-32N220D 4895194966593
32GB (16GBx2) KD4AGS88*-32N220D 4895194966609
KD4AGSA8*-32N220D 4895194966616
32GB (32GBx1) KD4BGSA8*-32N220A 4895194966968
64GB (32GBx2) KD4BGSA8*-32N220D 4895194966975
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