Cooler Master MWE Bronze V2 750W A/UK Cable Power Supply

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DC-to-DC Technology
120mm HDB Fan
80 PLUS Bronze Efficiency
Flat, Black Cables
5 Year Warranty

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80 PLUS Bronze Efficiency


The efficiency of your power supply unit is important because it directly affects you system’s performance and your power bill. The efficiency rating does not reflect the quality or reliability of a PSU. It only reflects the unit’s ability to move power from the wall to your components. The higher a PSU’s efficiency is, the lower the total amount of power it needs to power your system. The MWE Bronze series has an 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency rating, meaning it has a guaranteed typical efficiency of 85%.

Cooler Master now reports Cybenetics noise and efficiency ratings for current power supply units where applicable. For more information about the Cybenetics rating system and their work with Cooler Master please click here.

Cooler Master MWE Bronze V2 750W A/UK Cable Power Supply 10Cooler Master MWE Bronze V2 750W A/UK Cable Power Supply 11

DC-to-DC Circuit Design


Power comes in multiple voltage levels. The wall delivers power in one voltage level but your components each need a specific voltage to operate properly. The process of converting raw power from the wall to the multiple voltage levels your parts need requires special components to complete this process quickly, efficiently, and safely. The MWE Bronze’s DC-to-DC + LLC technology was painstakingly crafted to accomplish this goal. The Dual Forward circuit layout has been designed to convert 12V power to 3V and 5V levels with minimal ripple noise, 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency, and reduced risk to your connected hardware.

Cooler Master MWE Bronze V2 750W A/UK Cable Power Supply 12

120mm HDB Fan


The constant struggle between cooling and noise is as old as the consumer PC industry itself. Keeping your components cool without having to hear about it while you work is still one of the greatest challenges for all fan based cooling technologies. The MWE Bronze tackles this problem with a 120mm HDB fan. The hydro dynamic fan bearing creates less friction, making it great for low RPM operations. This technology keeps the fan running smoothly and efficiently for longer, keeping the noise level down and extending the lifespan of the PSU.

Cooler Master MWE Bronze V2 750W A/UK Cable Power Supply 13



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